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Come visit the ancient capital city of Anuradhapura, the first Kingdom in Sri Lanka. Hear about its past, the kings that ruled and the arrival of buddhism. The audio guides will bring to life the glories of that age as you explore the archaeological treasures and hear enthralling stories of the kings that built them.

Timings: It’s best to go first thing in the morning or late afternoon. Try to avoid midday as it will be very hot and busy.

What's included:

Geo fenced Map

Audio commentary (will play automatically when you reach the location)

Works Offline (Once downloaded no internet connection needed)

Not included: Entrance tickets

What to take: Water, Cap or hat for the sun, Sunglasses, Wear comfortable walking shoes.

Points to note:

Wear clothes that cover your legs and your shoulders.

Wear a pair of socks to avoid burning your feet while walking barefoot as you will be asked to remove your shoes at certain points, and the stone can get very hot.

Buy some flowers at the entrance, if you like to make offerings at the various altars throughout the tour

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