13 Stops
Duration: 02:00:00
Distance: 2500

Starting off at the Fish Market, take a guided tour past remnants of a historic fort, stroll along the canal and learn a bit about Sri Lanka's history. See temples, churches and Kovils all within a short distance.

Early morning is the best time to start as that is when the fish market is in full swing. Come immerse yourself in the culture and customs by taking this tour through some interesting parts of the Negombo.

Entrance ticket: The Angurukaramulla Temple (Optional) : 1000LKR

Starting Point: Negombo Fish Market

End Point: Angurukaramulla temple

Timings: It’s best to go in the mornings in order to get the full impact of the fish market.

Whats included:

  • Map including a walking tour route (Online and offline options available)
  • Entertaining Audio commentary
  • Historic and current photographs

What to take: Water, Cap or hat for the sun, Sunglasses, Wear comfortable walking shoes.

Info: Dress conservative and neutral, i.e. cover your legs and shoulders if you plan on going into the temple or Kovil.

Tour Distance of 2.5 is walking Distance. You need to take a tuk tuk to the temple.

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