1 Fort Railway Station

Fort Railway Station

HI There,

Hope you are ready for our little adventure. You are about to immerse yourself into the hustle, and chaos of everyday Colombo life, and glimpse the lingering charms of a bygone Era.

You are now at the Fort Railway station, the nerve centre of Petta. This station for the past one hundred years has been the main entry point into the city of Colombo, from the rest of the country. Built and put into operation in 1908, this station consists of 10 platforms and caters to about 200,000 passengers on a regular day.

If you want to book train tickets to other parts of the country, you should go to the ticket counter here. Train services have different classes with some offering reserved seats, and some train routes having air conditioned carriages. The most scenic train route in the country is from Ella to Kandy. It’s a long slow journey but extremely scenic.

Rail travel in Sri Lanka should conjure up images of passengers hanging out from open doors, in order to escape the heat of the packed carriages…. or maybe, simply trying to get on board a packed train.

To continue the tour, proceed past the station and make your way towards Olcott Mawatha. As you pass the station on your right you will see a row of traditional food stalls, frequented by rail passengers, often enjoying a tasty meal before getting on with their day's work.

Proceed to cross Olcott Mawatha to get to Stop 2, 1st cross Street. If the audio for stop 2 does not play automatically, then select and play it manually.